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Induct in minutes

No more repeating the same information twice. Workers can induct themselves with the mobile app so all of their emergency details and tickets are already stored.
Induct in minutes

Configure a company-wide induction to be completed once by new workers. Standard policies and procedures can be signed off on once, rather than every new project.


When workers arrive on-site they complete a site induction on by scanning a QR code. You can load up your own induction form or use our standard site induction template.

TicketsTicket Wallet

The mobile app has a digital wallet for all of a worker's licences and tickets. Everything from a White Card, to high-risk licences to police checks can be uploaded once and used in all future inductions. No more worrying about lost cards!

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Info not right? Request an update and they'll get an email with a link to get reinducted via the app.

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